Battery for Laptop_Dell 266J9

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Breathe new life into your 0415CG Laptop with replacement Dell 0415CG 266J9 battery (11.4V 51Wh) for quicker charging and longer running time!
$48.00 USD
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Why buy Dell 0415CG 266J9 Laptop Battery battery with us?

LaptopBatt's Dell 0415CG 266J9 Laptop Battery battery is made of high-quality materials and grade A cells to ensure fast charges and longer battery life.

  • 100% True Capacity.
  • Fully compatible with your original Dell 0415CG 266J9 Laptop Battery battery.
  • 100% Brand new from professional manufacturer and CE / FCC / RoHS certified for safety.
  • FREE REPLACEMENT: during the warranty period, if the Dell 0415CG 266J9 Laptop Battery replacement battery is completely dead, we will replace the battery for you.
  • FREE SHIPPING OVER $99: only $1.99 shipping if the order is shipped to the US, Australia and UK, and free shipping for a purchase of $99!
Condition Brand New, Replacement
Voltage 11.4V
Capacity 51Wh
Cell Type Li-Polymer
Cells 3
Color Black
Size 241.25x67.65x7.05mm
Note : 11.4V and 11.1V are compatible, they are in common use.

Compatible Battery Part Number

  • 266J9
  • P89F001

Compatible Laptop Models

  • 0415CG
  • 415CG
  • G3 15 3590
  • G3 3590
  • G3-3590-15PR-1548BR
  • Ins 15PR-1545BL
  • Ins 15PR-1545W
  • Ins 15PR-1548BR
  • Ins 15PR-1645W
  • Ins 15PR-1648BR
  • Ins 15PR-1742BR
  • Ins 15PR-1742W
  • Ins 15PR-1745W
  • Ins 15PR-1748BR
  • Ins 15PR-1762BL
  • Ins 15PR-1762BR
  • Ins 15PR-1765BL
  • Ins 15PR-1765W
  • Ins 15PR-1768BR
  • Ins 15PR-1845BL
  • Ins 15PR-1845W
  • Ins 15PR-1865W
  • Ins 15PR-1868BR
  • Inspiron 5490
  • Inspiron 5498
  • Inspiron G3 3590
  • N2NLL
Battery for Laptop_Dell 266J9
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