37.6Wh Battery for HP MM02XL 7.6V 2 Cells

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Breathe new life into your laptop with replacement HP MM02XL battery for quicker charging and longer running time!
$46.92 USD
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Bring your laptop back to life with LaptopBatt's battery


The battery performance mostly depends on the internal cells. This is why our HP MM02XL battery pack is made up of grade "A" cells, which ensure longer discharge time, longer battery life, and quicker charging.

High Quality Grade A Battery Cells


Please don't be excited by low-priced products from other unscrupulous traders. Their battery capacity is significantly reduced after 50 charge & discharge cycles. Our HP MM02XL long-life battery is rigorously tested to meet or exceed OEM specs, offering over 600 charge cycles to maintain the same capacity for a long period.

Better capacity over time


Battery can't have a stable performance with cheap components and even damage your laptop. Our HP MM02XL battery replacement has built-in high-quality smart control chip to ensure perfect performance and compatibility.

Texas Smart IT Chip


Don't get caught in fake capacity ads! Many companies use them to attract customers and increase profits. LaptopBatt guarantees that our HP MM02XL battery capacity is 100% true, please rest assured to buy!

Brand New and 100% True Capacity


Safety is vital! Our HP MM02XL batteries are CE, UL, ROHS certified and offer a variety of protection features to prevent common risks such as short circuits, overheating and overvoltage. Protect Your Data, Protect Yourself, Trust LaptopBatt!

Safety features for your peace of mind
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    During the warranty period, if the HP MM02XL laptop battery is completely dead, we will replace the battery for you.
Condition Brand New, Replacement
Voltage 7.6V
Capacity 37.6Wh
Cell Type Li-Polymer
Cells 2
Color Black
Size *mm
Note : 7.6V and 7.8V are compatible and interchangeable.

Compatible Battery Part Number

  • HSTNN-1B8Q
  • L27868-1C1
  • L27868-2D1
  • L28076-005
  • MM02XL

Compatible Laptop Models

  • Pavilion 13-an0000nf
  • Pavilion 13-an0000nh
  • Pavilion 13-an0000nia
  • Pavilion 13-an0000nk
  • Pavilion 13-an0000nq
  • Pavilion 13-an0000ns
  • Pavilion 13-an0000nv
  • Pavilion 13-an0000nw
  • Pavilion 13-an0000nx
  • Pavilion 13-an0000tu
  • Pavilion 13-an0001na
  • Pavilion 13-an0001nb
  • Pavilion 13-an0001nf
  • Pavilion 13-an0001nh
  • Pavilion 13-an0001nia
  • Pavilion 13-an0001nk
  • Pavilion 13-an0001ns
  • Pavilion 13-an0001nx
  • Pavilion 13-an0001tu
  • Pavilion 13-an0002nf
  • Pavilion 13-an0002nia
  • Pavilion 13-an0002nk
  • Pavilion 13-an0002np
  • Pavilion 13-an0002ns
  • Pavilion 13-an0002nv
  • Pavilion 13-an0002nw
  • Pavilion 13-an0002tu
  • Pavilion 13-an0003nf
  • Pavilion 13-an0003nq
  • Pavilion 13-an0003nv
  • Pavilion 13-an0003nw
  • Pavilion 13-an0003tu
  • Pavilion 13-an0004nf
  • Pavilion 13-an0004nia
  • Pavilion 13-an0004nk
  • Pavilion 13-an0004nw
  • Pavilion 13-an0004tu
  • Pavilion 13-an0005nf
  • Pavilion 13-an0005nia
  • Pavilion 13-an0005nt
  • Pavilion 13-an0005tu
  • Pavilion 13-an0006na
  • Pavilion 13-an0006nb
  • Pavilion 13-an0006ne
  • Pavilion 13-an0006nf
  • Pavilion 13-an0006nq
  • Pavilion 13-an0006tu
  • Pavilion 13-an0007nb
  • Pavilion 13-an0007ne
  • Pavilion 13-an0007nu
  • Pavilion 13-an0007tu
  • Pavilion 13-an0008na
  • Pavilion 13-an0008ne
  • Pavilion 13-an0008nf
  • Pavilion 13-an0008nw
  • Pavilion 13-an0008tu
  • Pavilion 13-an0009nb
  • Pavilion 13-an0009nq
  • Pavilion 13-an0009nw
  • Pavilion 13-an0009tu
  • Pavilion 13-an0010ca
  • Pavilion 13-an0010ng
  • Pavilion 13-an0010nr
  • Pavilion 13-an0010tu
  • Pavilion 13-an0011ng
  • Pavilion 13-an0012tu
  • Pavilion 13-an0014nf
  • Pavilion 13-an0014tu
  • Pavilion 13-an0015tu
  • Pavilion 13-an0016tu
  • Pavilion 13-an0017tu
  • Pavilion 13-an0018tu
  • Pavilion 13-an0019ur
  • Pavilion 13-an0020ca
  • Pavilion 13-an0020tu
  • Pavilion 13-an0021nf
  • Pavilion 13-an0021ur
  • Pavilion 13-an0022tu
  • Pavilion 13-an0023nia
  • Pavilion 13-an0024nf
  • Pavilion 13-an0029nf
  • Pavilion 13-an0030ur
  • Pavilion 13-an0030wm
  • Pavilion 13-an0031ur
  • Pavilion 13-an0031wm
  • Pavilion 13-an0032tu
  • Pavilion 13-an0032ur
  • Pavilion 13-an0033tu
  • Pavilion 13-an0033ur
  • Pavilion 13-an0034ur
  • Pavilion 13-an0035tu
  • Pavilion 13-an0035ur
  • Pavilion 13-an0036ur
  • Pavilion 13-an0037ur
  • Pavilion 13-an0038ur
  • Pavilion 13-an0039ur
  • Pavilion 13-an0040tu
  • Pavilion 13-an0040ur
  • Pavilion 13-an0041tu
  • Pavilion 13-an0041ur
  • Pavilion 13-an0042tu
  • Pavilion 13-an0043tu
  • Pavilion 13-an0044tu
  • Pavilion 13-an0045tu
  • Pavilion 13-an0046tu
  • Pavilion 13-an0046ur
  • Pavilion 13-an0047tu
  • Pavilion 13-an0047ur
  • Pavilion 13-an0050ur
  • Pavilion 13-an0053tu
  • Pavilion 13-an0055ur
  • Pavilion 13-an0056tu
  • Pavilion 13-an0057tu
  • Pavilion 13-an0058tu
  • Pavilion 13-an0061ur
  • Pavilion 13-an0062ur
  • Pavilion 13-an0063ur
  • Pavilion 13-an0064ur
  • Pavilion 13-an0065ur
  • Pavilion 13-an0066tu
  • Pavilion 13-an0066ur
  • Pavilion 13-an0067tu
  • Pavilion 13-an0067ur
  • Pavilion 13-an0068tu
  • Pavilion 13-an0068ur
  • Pavilion 13-an0069tu
  • Pavilion 13-an0069ur
  • Pavilion 13-an0070ur
  • Pavilion 13-an0071ur
  • Pavilion 13-an0072ur
  • Pavilion 13-an0076tu
  • Pavilion 13-an0077tu
  • Pavilion 13-an0078tu
  • Pavilion 13-an0078ur
  • Pavilion 13-an0100nd
  • Pavilion 13-an0300ng
  • Pavilion 13-an0302ng
  • Pavilion 13-an0370nd
  • Pavilion 13-an0380nd
  • Pavilion 13-an0404nz
  • Pavilion 13-an0506na
  • Pavilion 13-an0506sa
  • Pavilion 13-an0560nd
  • Pavilion 13-an0800no
  • Pavilion 13-an0801no
  • Pavilion 13-an0806no
  • Pavilion 13-an0807no
  • Pavilion 13-an0808no
  • Pavilion 13-an0900ng
  • Pavilion 13-an0999nf
37.6Wh Battery for HP MM02XL 7.6V 2 Cells
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